Thanthwe is a full Government Mission Primary School and we offer classes for students from the start of their primary education at aged 6 until they complete Standard 8.

Standard 1 Admissions

Students can start at the school in the September of the year after they turn six years old. Parents should apply to the headteacher late in August or the first week of September of the year in which he or she will start. Parents must bring proof of the child’s age by providing the Yellow medical book which should include the child’s birth information. To attend this school, you must be resident in the village of Chwaya.

Standards 2 – 8 Admissions

To join Thanthwe in any other year group than Standard 1, you must first transfer out of your previous school. You then bring your Transfer form to the headteacher at Thanthwe who will process your application. To attend this school, you must be resident in the village of Chiwaya.

Standards 1 – 4

During lower primary, students are taught in Chichewa apart from their English lessons. During this time, students learn how to read and write in both Chichewa and English.

Standards 5 – 8

In the upper primary, students prepare for their MANEB end of primary certificate. The students are taught in English and complete more regular assessment as they prepare for Standard 8. In Standard 8, students are mentored and given extra curricular learning to help them be successful in their final assessments.